"Success comes to the
person who does today
what you were thinking
about doing tomorrow"

- Unknown

Lauren Goldstein Counseling + Psychotherapy 

227 Monroe Tpk. (Rt.111) Monroe, CT 06468 P: 203-551-9602 F: 203-220-2325

203- 551-9602

PHONE, FaceTime anD Skype OPTIONS 

Over the years people have talked about the challenge at times of getting in for a face to face appointment as well as the desire to simply run something by a psychology professional without engaging in traditional therapy.  Online therapy, also known as e-therapy is a relatively new development in mental health in which a therapist provides psychological advice and support over the Internet.   Lauren Goldstein Counseling + Psychotherapy offers services through phone, FaceTime and Skype  for clients either currently or formerly in treatment.  These services are not covered by insurance and require payment in advance.

Phone Sessions: 
45 minute session $100.

FaceTime and Skype Sessions:
50 minute session $150.

For all the above services, credit card payment

must be made prior to your session.